Infinityfree discord

this could a crazy / stupid question from me.
but will infinityfree create a server on discord and people can ask there instead of on the forum?? could be more easier as people might not usually check the forum as much as social media does.

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I’m not a big fan of live chat systems myself in most cases. Unlike a forum, chats are typically not nicely grouped in separate threads to make it easy to read things back afterwards.

If there is a lot of demand for having a Discord server (or some other kind of community chat platform), I can set it up.

The nice thing about a forum in my opinion is that it doesn’t require your frequent and continuous attention to get your questions answered. You can check it once per week and still be up to date as to what’s being discussed, as opposed to a chat where you either have to slog through hundreds of intermixed messages per category, or just don’t read them at all.


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