Infinity is down?

Yes, its something might be messing with ssl.

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There was an attack on our core infrastructure which overloaded some components. It’s over now though.


I don’t mind being a free host but if it’s for the site to be down every 15 minutes I go to another host, you really have to solve this problem, it’s hell

Once again, the problem was caused by attackers. Now telling people to stop attacking you really does not work, does it? This does not happen often, and the people doing the attacking will get board and move on.


There were a few issues yesterday. If yesterday has been the only day you’ve been using our services, it would have looked very bad.

But if you’ve been using our service for longer, you’d know that issues like that are very rare and you’ll almost always be able to manage your account.

So we’re not “solving the problem” because there is no problem. The overall uptime of the panel is great.


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