infinity-free vs infinity-trouble

In my personal experience you’re not infinity-free but infinity-trouble.

How many times you will suspend my account, without giving me a concrete reason?

If your system for autimatically detecting potential issues found something wrong in my script, (two times this happend and will happen again when I upload the same script) you should tell me what is not allowed in my files.

Your sentence - you’re suspended because our system detected something - is ridiculous.

Very bed for your reputation.

Your account was suspended not because abuse was found on your website content, but because phishing was detected on an account with the same email address or IP address.

We don’t casually hand out details regarding suspensions. The specific workings of our abuse detection systems are classified. After all, if abusers knew how we detected abuse they could try to work around it, which is something we definitely don’t want. We’d rather have the reputation of being overly aggressive with abuse than have the reputation of being a paradise for criminals.