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Mysql 1071 error!!!

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Dear Concern Team,

I was trying to check the Mysql database 1071 error in your community .you have explained crystal clear that answer is possible to premium upgradation plan only. but my project testing process in progress . once completed, I will upgrade the premium plan … I agree that is a reasonable cost. please refresh my control panel if it data loss no problem .i will do make the beginning. This is my humble request.

You need to make sure that the query engine is set to MyISAM, and not InnoDB, on your script; if you didn’t do that that error will be shown. If your script requires InnoDB then you must upgrade to Premium Hosting as it also supports InnoDB.


As in InfinityFree Support section, nobodys account will be refreshed as everyone is treated fairly

So you are interested in getting premium hosting, you are testing now with the intent to move to premium hosting, and your website needs a feature which is only available on premium hosting?

It looks quite obvious to me that all your problems are solved by getting started with a (small) premium hosting plan right now, instead of trying to make your website work on a different platform which lacks required features.

If you want the features of premium hosting, you need to move to premium hosting. We want to provide everyone the best service we can provide for free. We’re not going to reward people with extra features just because they ask for it, or because they may upgrade in the future.


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