Infinity Free - Production or Learning

How many of you actually use Infinity Free hosting for a production site? How many of you use the free hosting for testing and learning purposes?

Myself personally, I am an ASP.NET Core developer and can’t do any of that on the free (or premium I think) hosting. But I maintain my free space to work on my jQuery and scripting language training and proof of concepts. If they ever allowed .NET Core on premium hosting (it is quite possible on Linux now) I would definitely be there. But I digress. Sometimes I look at the support forum and am just blown away by those trying to run production sites on a free service and expect immediate customer service and dedicated care to their needs. Personally I am grateful for the space and think those using the free service have no basis for complaining.


I use this hosting for my production websites after they are done with my testings on my browser.

But, as far as I know, ASP.NET websites are not supported on both Free Hosting and Premium Hosting.

Hi Kelly
i 2 am extremely gratefull for the support and free hosting i have recently had here
i wouldnt want to cope with the stress of the contant questions, that the support team have to deal with.
plus my new website here was only intended to be a backup, to my original hoster.
but infinity is faster, so i transfered all my links over to this one x


i actually do both, i use one account for a web page for my school and other for my own coding testing and learning


.NET is a Windows ecosystem thing so Linux support might not be as good.

Although, for .NET to work on a web hosting service, it doesn’t just need to run on Linux, it needs to play well with the web hosting management tools as well. For premium hosting, that’s cPanel and CloudLinux, and (to my knowledge) neither of those products support .NET applications natively. And you do really want the web server integration and security features of the hosting stack.

I did find one case of a person who managed to make it work, but that was VERY hacky - definitely not recommended.

I like to use free hosting as well for testing stuff. If I need to test something on WordPress for example, it’s so easy to spin up a new account with a subdomain, install WordPress with Softaculous and start testing. You can set up a new site in less than 10 minutes, which is great.


Yes I am aware it would be difficult to make it work. The point of the post was making the free version of your services as the production environment for your website and services should be seriously thought over before complaining about issues. I think the free version is probably a good introduction to Infinity before crossing over to premium. I use these services to force myself to script everything instead of relying on server based controls which is good for my skills and to prove some things can work not just on my local machine if that makes any sense.

Hopefully my English is getting what I am saying across well.

IF is completely a free hosting sponsored by Ifastnet. Which means if you upgrade to premium. you’ve upgraded to Ifastner :grinning:

You totally can’t use .NET on neither Free and premium. there are few hostings you can do on these (if i’m allowed):

IF is the best hosting i've found. although the security bot a little hurts me. but everything is ok

I love to upgrade my hosting to premium but PayPal Doesn’t allow Turkish and Iranian persons to have account on it. Plus i’m not allowed to have visa account duo the family problems

It’s weird


But after upgrading to Premium Hosting, you will also have to migrate the contents, because it’s not fully upgraded to it, and you can do this by signing up to their ticket system, creating a ticket and, after including the invoice order of the account and the domain name of it, clearly state you want the account migrated from free hosting, including also the username of the free hosting account, and submit the ticket. After some time it’s done, but you should also wait for 24 hours until the changes have effect.

For all the rest, I’ll just leave you alone.

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oh :eyes:

wish i do these oneday

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