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Hello can i know if may free hosting website contain only 50 hit per page view include, image and button , and per image size 10mb 5 image ×10mb =50mb so as 50 hit per page /50,000 hit limit =1,000 page view per day, so ( 50mb image assist per page × 1,000 page view = 50GB brandwidth ! If is my calculation correct, Is possible?

What? No, I don’t think your calculation is anywhere near correct.

You have 50,000 hits per day (it resets every ~24hrs). If you have a page that generates 50 hits (which is is lot per page, by the way), then you’ve used 1% of your hits for the day. And you will add 50 hits for each time the page is loaded (and assets are pulled from the server, not the cache).

We have a 10MiB (in practice, it seems more like 9.8MiB) file size limit. It is true that if you have 5 files bordering on 10MiB, that the total payload for all of those files combined is about 50MiB. We don’t really have unlimited bandwidth, as that is not possible, but it is very high. It seems like it’s capped at around 400GiB per month, so you can transfer 400GiB of data every 30 days before your quota is reset. (Maybe it’s 500GiB, but it is still a lot).

But please note that InfinityFree is not a file sharing host, we are a website host. That means that you should have visible website content, and not just links to a bunch of files for people to download.

I suggest that your read these things:

And lastly, certain parts of this one:


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