Infinity Free is no longer unlimited?

It’s very funny why Infinity Free now creates an account not with unlimited disk space, but with 5 GB, I checked other resellers, and the main byethost, and Unlimited is given there, and here 5 GB, has something changed?

InfinityFree is using upgraded package of mofh and admin is also paying for mofh too

@FlutterHoney How does the Infinity Free admin pay? If ByetHost is on the main site, such reselling is completely free, well, I understand the payment for hosting, and for the control panel , but so much so…

He will. Bcz nothing is free. For he wants to give premium hosting like experience for free. Limitations are reality.

You’re correct. Since yesterday, the storage limit is no longer unlimited, but is now formally capped at 5 GB.

From the start, InfinityFree offered packages with “unlimited disk space”. iFastNet allows us to do so.

But once every so often, we got criticism about this, because there is also a 10 MB file size limit and a 30k inode limit. So that puts the theoretical maximum disk usage at around 300 GB, and in practice much lower.

Then, some time ago, we saw a few accounts where people were suddenly unable to upload more files, even though they were within the inode limits. After confronting iFastNet about it, it turned out that there were additional limits being enforced once you passed the 5 GB mark, effectively capping the disk usage at 5 GB.

It took us around four years to learn of this, which means it must be quite rare to hit this limit.

Which means we had a decision to make: say we provide unlimited disk space even though we know that you practically can’t pass the 5 GB mark, or just limit disk usage at 5 GB.

I’ve always said that I want to be honest and transparent to you all, and I stand by that. So I felt it was dishonest to continue offering unlimited (but not really) disk usage.

So that’s why the official disk limit is now 5 GB. No hidden restrictions. No vague excuses. We deliver what we promise.

So to answer your question:

Yes, the official limit has changed. But in reality, the 5 GB limit was there to begin with.


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