Infinity Free down

Just to inform that Infinity Free is currently down. It says “503 Service Temporarily Unavailable”. Is this on my hosting accounts only or all the system.

Now my website http:// is being redirected to Special offer and Discount Coupon

Thank you.



I guess your domain is still propagating. I got suspended domain. Please wait for 72 hours or more. Just relax my website is up and nothing is down. The domain is just being in the process to be recorded by the DNS Providers.


My hope of it is being propagating is much higher after you mention you are redirected to it. Please wait for 72 hours for your domain to propagate. 24 to 48 hours may provide some good indications but don’t expect for it to be completely propagated until 72 hours.

It is not propagation thing I think because this is not a brand new website. My website has finished propagating several months ago.

I do believe that your domain is not completly propgated.

Have a look here: DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool

Some countries mark it as missing.

Edit: Or atleast this test is normal because I also tested my website and get the same results as yours.

Can you check your domain name registrar or check your Infinity Dashboard if the website is suspended? Go to Infinity Free Client Area > Accounts > Click the web icon to the account > Deativation History. Have a look if it is suspended. But it will be much better for the Admin (may reply within the next 12 to 24 hours) to have a look on your account status. Please leave your account name (eg. epizy_xxxxxxxx) here and wait for @Admin to respond.

Latest Information: Countries mark our A records missing “randomly” change. To the Admin, do we have an issue regarding on Infinity Free’s A records?

Latest Info: Your A records are now complete on all countries (but I don’t know why it gone missing minutes ago). Still it redirects to that suspended website.

My new suspision is your website and/or account is suspended in Infinity Free. Can you confirm it?

Turns out it’s temporarily suspended because of hitting the hits limits, means getting too many visitors lately. So I must wait for 16 hours or migrate to premium plan.

This what hits mean and here is the limit.

Example (May not be real or applicable):
10 Files Needed to send = 10 Hits
5,000 Possible Visitors or 2,500 Possible Visitors if they view the page twice

20 Files Needed to send = 20 Hits
2,500 Possible Visitors or 1,250 Possible Visitors of they view the page twice

and basically just do the rest of the computation…

Files Needed to send = Hits
50,000 / Hits = Possible Visitor Count

Real Example (From my own website):
31 Files Needed to load = 31 Hits
1,612 Possible Visitors or 806 Possible Visitors if they view my website twice


Redirecting to a page offering premium plan isn’t wise. It is better to send notification by email and put the site under maintenance for the next 24 hours

Under maintenance how so? By showing a maintenance page? I may remind you that some people use Wordpress Maintenance Mode, and if their account was suspended, they wouldn’t be able to figure it out. Or maintenance like a HTTP 503 error code? Some people use that, too (I do). So I think ultimately it is the best decision, even if it doesn’t look professional, but it conveys the point and allows a user to easily upgrade, if they choose.

Actually all of this is already done.


Yesterday morning a routine security upgrade on our management infrastructure went wrong, which resulted in our main site going down for a few hours. The client area was briefly affected but was restored automatically within a few minutes.

Nothing else was affected. The forum, control panel or anything actually responsible for hosting free sites were down because of this issue.

The only issue I see is that people are using in the first place. almost always reports random failures which I can never reproduce with any other tool. It just seems to be an unreliable service.

The global checks are often referred to to help check DNS propagation, even though that’s not how DNS propagation works. DNS propagation is determined by DNS cache in your device, network and ISP, which is not something you can verify with an external service. DNS doesn’t need time to travel across the world like it’s a wave in an ocean.


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