Infinity free can you write me

Infinitely free, can you write to me why the problem is to let me create my own json database to connect with unity? Because I was a long time learning how to make json database and then I can’t use it here. Your web hosting is best in the world but if you have this function it will be much better. Also you have infinite storage so what is problem?

Even if you could make a database, is this unity program meant to run on the server or on a computer? If this is a program to run on a computer, then you’ll run into the fact that only web browsers are allowed to access the website. Also, it is up to the sponsor IFastNet, if they want to implement this (I think). Sidenote : JSON is not a database.

It’s a data/file format. It’s a way to send and store structured data. It can be used to send data across databases , or it can be stored inside a database , but it’s not a database .

Um, infinite storage is certainly not possible, but a lot of space, yes. But the innode limit will be the factor. There are only so much files you can upload, plus the max file size limit is 10MB.

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For now, it works on the computer and sure I always got forbidden error. If it works on the server can you please send me some tutorial on how to make it?

This hosting is for hosting websites only. Hosting API’s or using it for storage isn’t allowed.



Yes, I know it but this json (database but it isn’t according to Fury_Phoenix) I want to store users from my website and also I want to have one database for my website users and game users.

Just use SQL. That pretty much it. Do you have difficulty with SQL? Then you can take tutorials on SQL & PHP (No Javascript for SQL, because it is insecure. However PHP can be used to work with SQL).

I’m sorry, but what you’re doing is not allowed here. Like @anon19508339 said: we provide hosting for websites, not databases or video games. Yes, we provide unlimited storage. Unlimited storage for website files, to be specific. Not for using JSON files as a databases for a piece of software running somewhere else.

If you’re just looking for a way to externally store files, you could use something like Dropbox with an API. Or use object storage like Amazon S3, which is practically unlimited storage for any type of file. Or a document database like MongoDB or DynamoDB, which is a software package to handle JSON-like data structures efficiently at scale.


Ok I am sorry and I came here for webhosting but when I noticed you have unlimited storage I wanted it but it is fine.

Also, this is best webhosting in the world.

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