Infinity free as a hosting and Zyro as a domain problem, already 24 hours but still propagates ! its normal? pls help

hello, sorry if myenglish is bad

Infinity free as a hosting and Zyro as a domain problem, already 24 hours but still propagates !
is it normal propagates 24 hours ?
anything i can do ?
i already ask customer service zyro, but answer is waiting.

What is your domain name?

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its not working

i already have domain too with infinityfree and zyro. and its working like 20 minutes

A small lookup tells that,

Please contact Zyro for this issue

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already sir ! not working

this site working on a minute.
not like

any experience with this ?

Please contact your domain provider, your domain doesn’t have any nameservers set:



Ah ok, then he should wait for them, no problem on hosting side.


When did you get your domain name?



Your nameservers are changed please try again

its mean waiting 24 hours again?

No try again in infinityfree

I figured it out, the domain is having Server Hold status, which means that the DNS servers are not having records for the following domain name, but the domain is already assigned to an account which means, there are DNS records for it.

A previous reply,


so what should i do now? i dont understand

The domain has status “serverHold”, which means the domain is locked by the registry. You’ll need to ask Zyro/Hostinger to check why that is. They are supposed to provide you with a working domain name which they aren’t doing right now.

It’s quite bad from them that their support agent didn’t notice it themselves.

Although, from personal experience (not trying to shame a competitor here), this is par for the course with Hostinger. I have some legacy stuff with them still which I can’t move, and I’ve spent many hours having to convince that something is definitely an issue on their end, and not a code or configuration issue on my end, or a problem with my browser, device or network connection. They are really good at blaming customers for every issue they cause.

But this is 100% a domain name issue. The domain has status serverHold and the registry nameservers are not returning empty responses to queries for your domain. Be pervasive and keep pushing Hostinger that this is really up to them to fix. Don’t let them blame you for their ignorance.

So… good luck.


so thank you for the answer, very clear for me

yeah really disappointed , the answer just waiting.