Infinite subdomains?

I was just wondering how many of the infinite subdomains would need to be created before either the server runs out of space or I get banned for too much screwing around :rofl:

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I think that would be 9999 in number. But I don’t know the limit the admin has put for infinity free.

They are actually 50:


Every iFastnet free hosting reseller account has a 999 subdomain limit for clients which can be altered.

Read the Admin’s response in the topic above. The hard limit set by iFastNet is 50; the 999 limit in the MOFH panel is incorrect.


maybe then… but just for marketing sake it’s so in MOFH panel.

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Don’t forget that there is a 95367431640625 MB disk space quota in the panel, even though the actual hard limit is 5GB. The information there is outdated and iFastNet probably forgot to update them or doesn’t remove the settings to not accidentally break something with the current configuration.

Btw the addon/sub/parked domain limit in the panel was 9999, the SQL is 999, so I was wrong too :stuck_out_tongue:


There are hard limits that affect all accounts on the platform that are separate from the plan configurations. The 5 GB disk space is one of them, the 50 subdomains per account is another limit like that.

The plan configuration options offered by the hosting platform are very limited, there is a limit that can be set for the number of domains, but upon trying it it didn’t seem to affect subdomains, addon domains or parked domains at all.

I do know that the free hosting servers have some special setup that lets them handle crazy numbers of websites that would be impossible for any standard web server. So I don’t think you could ever create enough domains to break it.


I see that the disk size does show correctly in cpanel but some things still show unlimited, are there any plans to display the limits ?

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Display what limits?

Yes, the subdomains limit is actually 50, not unlimited. But there are no limits on addon domains and parked domains, and the plan settings don’t allow setting these values separately.

I also took a look at how many times people ran into this limit. It happened more time than expected, but all of them were spam accounts that simply wanted to create as many websites as possible with cookie cutter junk content for fraudulent purposes. And if spammers run into fair usage limits, I say good riddance.

There is a limit of 400 databases, but that’s such a ridiculously high number that I can’t imagine anyone would ever hit it for any other purpose than figuring out what the limit is. So for all practical purposes it’s unlimited. And I think that when given the choice, many people would prefer unlimited databases over 400 databases, even though the limit is much higher than they would need in either case.

There is also a rumor of bandwidth being limited to 100 GB. I do not believe them. I haven’t seen a single case of someone hitting the bandwidth limit, and iFastNet has assured me that there is no such limit either.

So no, there are no plans to change how the limits are displayed.


The rumor comes from the MOFH plan section, which mentions a “Users limit” of 100 GB/Month. If this isn’t the case and the limit does not exist, that’s good news!


I wasnt sure if anything that said unlimited was or wasnt so , thanks for clearing that up


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