Indexing issues

I have a website launched at

By creating several folders (like projects, blog, and about) and putting an index.html file on each folders, I am able to create a new page for this website.

However, when I try to generate an automatic sitemap, all the pages (except the index.html without any folder) are not indexed. In other words, my projects, blog, and about pages cannot be found.

How do I fix this?

Seams fairly normal here. This might be able to help.

We had a quite extensive discussion about this two weeks ago. Perhaps this also answers your questions?

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Based on the discussion, I believe that the reason my site cannot be indexed is because I have aes.js running on my site.

And, the only way to disable aes.js is to run Cloudflare on my site, which cannot be done because Cloudflare CANNOT be used on free subdomains from InfinityFree.

Is there any other alternative?

Not that I know of…

You can get premium hosting, or just ignore sitemap generators entirely because they are pointless.

Or you can get a TLD. A ‘.com’ only cost $10 /yr, or you can get something like ‘.ml’ or ‘.cf’ for free from freenom (Just don’t get .tk). Getting premium or ignoring it all together is also an answer though.

A sitemap is very important for SEO performance, isn’t it?

Not really. It just tells the search engine where to look, but once you submit your domain it will do it automatically anyway.


Exactly. A sitemap can help search engine crawlers navigate your site more easily, but they’ll index your site just fine without it.

The main goal of search engines is to show content that is most likely to be relevant to what people are searching for. So the content and popularity of your site are still by far the most important factors.

I’m very glad that when I search for things, I get stuff from sites that is relevant to my query, not just from the sites that implemented the most technical trickery like sitemaps, schema tags, etc. but don’t provide good content.

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