Indexing and Sitemap error in Google Search Console

I have created a website using InfinityFree host. I tried to get my site indexed in Search Console but it showed me an error saying “quota exceeded” please try again tomorrow even though I hadn’t requested indexing before. Please Help.
I also submitted my sitemap using Yoast SEO Plugin but it showed me an error saying “couldn’t fetch sitemap”. I reported this error to google but did not get any response.
My website- The Daily Chat Box 2022

SEO tools will not work with InfinityFree.


So how can I get my sitemap indexed by google? Because Bing was easily able to fetch my sitemap and get it indexed.

You can just upload the same sitemap you gave to bing to google.

I uploaded the Yoast sitemap to bing which it was able to fetch. But the sitemap is not working on google.

It might be that Google has a limit on the registered domain, so all indexations for all subdomains hit this quota, not just your subdomain.

This is unfortunately something that happens if you’re using a free subdomain.

In any case, there isn’t a lot we can do about it. This is a quota from Google, we can’t change that.


Ok. Thanks for letting me know.

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