Hello, I would like to know if I can the edit my index2.html because I want to edit the:

    <title>Your Website Is Ready - InfinityFree</title>

So I can change it to my website name for the og:sitename for the Google search results because it shows as right now.

I have asked about that before and the admin recommended to edit the open graph from rank math but it does that for Facebook only.

I have researched about alternative methods and found that I can do that by editing the index.html file but it warns me not to edit or deleting the file and creating a new one named index.html or index.php.

So can I edit it or copy the file, deleting it, create a new one and name it, then paste it then edit the title for the name I want?
And thanks.

And if there is a better way to edit my og:site name for google searches please share.

Hi MerchandiseMuseum,

Your site is not reachable so there’s not much we can tell from just the domain itself.

As per admin recommendation on using Rank Math, your site is assumingly a WordPress installation, hence HTML files aren’t related to your case. If you need to adjust the OpenGraph titles, using plugins is the only way to get it done without messing with code.

And since you’ve mentioned that Facebook already got the new title, then you have already got that sorted. For the page title tho, you need to edit that from the WordPress admin panel > Site Name.

Google search results update can take 3-6 month before they realize anything that is considered major has updated on your site, this includes titles and favicons.



The main page for your site should be named index.html (or index.php if you plan to program in php)

The index2.html file cannot be edited , you should create a new file called index.html and do your editing there

You can copy the code from index2.html into your index.html if you wish to use it as a starting point for experiments


You cannot edit the file. And even if you could, it wouldn’t help you.

The reason the site name shows as is not caused by our default placeholder page haunting your site, it’s simply what Google chooses to use if you don’t set the site name at all. So the solution is to set the site name tag on your actual website. Editing files that are not even used on your site is not going to help.

OpenGraph tags are an open standard. Facebook supports them, but so does Google.

Please note that updating the OpenGraph tag doesn’t immediately update the search results. You have to wait for the Google crawler to recheck your site to update the information, and that can take a long time for a new site.


Ok does adding the title and description for rank math plugin social meta for Facebook also edits my OG site name for Google search.

Because what I’m reading from rank math is that is edits my snippets for Facebook and Twitter and didn’t find any information about OpenGraph in general.

And can I imply what lovebug suggested or is it useless?:point_down:

Right now I want to try out both methods (the rank math method and love bug)

But I’m afraid that love bug method is going to mess things up for my website.

This is my website by the way:

it looks like you already have a website established so don’t do what I suggested as that was only if you were just starting out



Something needs to be solved as well.

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Yes it shows my site as which I don’t want, my rank math plugin doesn’t offer I feature to edit that generally especially for the google search results, I am really desperate to find a way to edit that.

Hi MerchandiseMuseum,

I think what you meant is to have a custom domain, something like instead. In this case, it’s not a matter of programming at all, but rather the domain choice.

If you’re looking for something similar to, then you an refer to below Cloudflare domains pricing, it won’t be an exact match for “” as that’s already taken by someone else.

If you do not want to spend money on domain name then basically you have to stick with a suffix and have your site as a free subdomain as you currently do.

Alternatively, get a free TLD domain from and point nameservers to here. Their domain offerings has nothing to do with the EU but it’s a TLD.



So my issue that my website shows as as my og site name is related to my state of having a subdomain instead of a custom domain?

Hi MerchandiseMuseum,

I believe there’s a misconception regarding og:name and og:url for you, og:url must follow the current website domain rather than a custom text field like og:name. So I’m guessing you’re referring to og:url instead.

In that case, yes, it’s related to your domain rather than your settings. Even if you put the og:name as MerchandiseMuseum, you’ll still get the small grey text at the bottom saying you’re from kesug.

If this applies to your case, then you’ll need to get a TLD domain instead of a free subdomain.


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Cloudflare Radar obviously doesn’t know that was a free subdomain. It just saw that is phishing, and wasn’t on the public suffix list, so everything under must be phishing.


If Rank Math doesn’t set the sitename tag, you should look for some other way to set it. The thing in the Google search result is the site name. If you want to customize it, you’ll need to set it on your site. And if the first approach to try and set it doesn’t work, then you need to find another way to set the tag.

But then please don’t start blaming other things for how they choose to show the default tag when it’s possible to customize, but you just haven’t succeeded yet in doing so.

It is true that many services only consider the base domain, and consider subdomains to be essentially the “same” site. So you’ll have some noisy neighbor effects.

Purchasing a custom domain will help with that. But if you want the site name to same “Merchandise Museum” instead of, you’ll still have to set that site name tag.


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