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how can I make it work to open the index.html file, when its inside a folder, which is inside the htdocs?
and the file is there:

Sorry, but I think no one is gonna help you since its a fraud site.

I have got SSL certification

SSL does not mean that your site is not a fraud.
SSL means that the connections between the user and the server is encrypted and safe.
But frauds, scams, phishing, etc… are still possible.
If every site that get SSL would be filtered for that fraud sites cannot get SSL certification, it will be really long to get an SSL certification.
Yeah, the secure green lock in your browser bar does not means that this site does not host scam, phishing or frauds…

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and can you tell me where do I need to change to get a safe website?

Just be realistic.
You cant sell a luxe watch for 13€.
Its impossible.

but that is just a name

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Your website name seems legit, but your website content isn’t.

Move the files from public folder to ROOT folder which is htdocs!


Thats right, but his site seems scam…

Just delete the server and public folders, and move your index file to the root.

Also, server-side languages besides PHP don’t work here, so you won’t be able to get NodeJS working.


Just because something seems like a scam, doesn’t necessarily mean it is one.

I had a look at the site, and it mentions “luxury watch”. Luxury is just a term here; it may be often used to indicate top brands, but it could also be used for something luxurious-looking.

I’m not that familiar with the area but I don’t think there are false advertisements (claiming to sell products of well-known brands for a price well below normal, for example); these seem watches from not-well-known brands that are styled as “luxury” to get the attention of the customer and boost sales.

You could call it misleading, but I think that whether “luxury” should only be used for premium quality products is opinionated.

In any case, if you have reasonable belief that the site is attempting to scam people, you can file an abuse report by using the email provided in the contact page for the team to investigate: Contact Us - InfinityFree.

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