Index of /apache server port 443

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Error Message index of /apache server port 443

(please share the FULL error message you see) on my side my website work perfectly but if other people try to open with phone or laptop it shows the error message pls i need help asap my deadline is 2pm today

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Are you using ifastnet service? then please ask them not us.


i used your server to build the whole site not

This server and iFastNet’s server are different. Just ask the support at iFastNet pleaseScreenshot from 2020-12-21 17-23-05

okay have sent a message but do u have n idea on wht to do they are taking forever to respond pleae

Seems to work now, Use control+f5 to force refresh.

Also, You can’t generally rely on them kind of ‘Hosted by’ services, the same IP’s used by free hosting are owned by ‘UK-IFASTNET’, Just check the IP address: =
Whereas: = =

So the free servers use the subnet (All IP’s from to


okay then, i’ll try to remember that

thank you guys it working fine now

It’s fixed



didn’t read that :confused:


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