Index issue

hey guys i am deploying my site, or at least, i am trying to, i just can’t figure out why it’s always get my request back with the index2.html even tho i have deleted the index2.html and replaced with mine index.php any suggestion? ofc if i’m trying to call on the right path, ex( my uri/index.php) it display the right index if i just go with clean domain with no path specified it choose index2.html upon mine

What is the domain?


My bad sorry
Then try to request for

I can see your index page just fine on both addresses. If you still can’t see it, try to clear your browser cache by pressing a few times Ctrl+F5 while visiting your website. If you still can’t see the changes (because your browser is stubborn) please follow this:


Some time browser cache and cookies can create issue. Try clearing the cache and cookies of browser to make sure you are using latest version of website.

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