Can we modify the index.html of an application installed with softaculous?

If so where is it, I cannot find it.

Thank you

In most cases, yes.

Well where did you install the software? Go to the folder where the software was installed, and there should be a index file (it’s file extension may be .php or .html). If you give us your URL, or the name or this software, we may be able to help you out more.

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Can you please send a screenshot? I suspect that you may not have editing privileges on the file.

Can you send over your URL?

Just realised I’m on an iPad :slight_smile: so I will have to logon to my PC later and take a look, sorry about that.

Ok no problem, it’s already cool to help me :wink:

That was weird, I could not copy and past correctly.

Anyway, I get a lot of code here and not just the “403” text. (yes, I managed to open an inspector on an iPad)

Maybe try downloading the file and opening it?

Ok, but where to download it since all the indexes I find have the 403 error

Can you send a screenshot of the file manager or FTP client with the list of files?

Can you please take a few more screenshots for me?

Open the /htdocs directory and take another one there

Then open the /htdocs/sessions folder and take a second one.
Upload both here.

That doesn’t look like an error. That looks like they are the contents of the file.

Many scripts place a file index.html with no contents or an “error message” like this in all system directories. That way, if the web server is configured to show directory listings by default, it doesn’t show the list of files by default which could be considered sensitive.

Many scripts also use .htaccess rules to feed all URLs to a central index.php file instead of having every URL exist as a set of directories on the storage. So for the URL /session/login, there is no corresponding folder in your account.

It does make me wonder though. What exactly are you trying to do? What behavior are you trying to alter? What do you see where now and what do you want to change about it?


I just want to customize the home page as well as the related pages, I can’t find the file to edit

thank you

If you use a CMS (which you seem to do), then you probably cannot edit the home page by just changing a file. You’ll have to do that through the settings of the software you’re using. Maybe it has some kind of theming system which you can use to customize the pages, but if or how that works highly varies by software.

If the software you’re using doesn’t give you the flexibility you want, you could also setup a separate main website as the landing page and install the script in a subdirectory or subdomain and link to it from the main site (similar to how we have and


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