Index.html doesnt work (i suck please help)

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

I’m using this software:

Additional information:

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You need to use

index2.html just for HTML files.

You can define custom names for the index file on the .htaccess. Create the htaccess with the following line:
DirectoryIndex Index.html,
overwriting Index.html with your misspelled index file.

@AnishA, index2.html is the third backup index that the server does load instead of index.php or index.html. Delete the index2.html and create a new index.html next time, because the types of index that the server tries to load are firstly index.php, then index.html and index2.html. If not it throws a Directory Listing or a 403 Forbidden Error.

Please note that our servers (like almost all web hosting servers) are case sensitive. So index.html, Index.html, Index.HTML and INDEX.html can all be different files in the same folder. And only the first will be loaded as the main page of a folder.

While you can change which file is loaded as the default using .htaccess rules, it tends to be quite error prone if you’re not consistent with file names. So it’s better to make sure you always call the files index.html, rather than naming them something different every time and having to juggle .htaccess rules to make your website work.

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