Index.html does not work for subdomain

epiz_30478991 My website is

I created a subdomain:

But it does not work. I upload the index.html file to htdocs folder. Not in the subdomain folder. Is it correct? Why is the subdomain not running?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Your subdomain already works, albeit an image you put there is broken


Waooowwww. I cannot see the page. Maybe dns settings are taking time. I will wait and change the image url. Thank you…


You’re welcome :slight_smile:


Try clearing your cache.


There are interesting things. The image url is correct. Buti the image is not visible. The code in the index.html file is here:

What is wrong with the codes?

What is wrong with the source codes?

Nothing is wrong with the code, everything is working. I will repeat…

Clear your cache.


The subdomain page is including images from the base domain. But that’s not going to work here, because our hosting doesn’t support image hotlinking. This means you cannot embed files hosted with us in any other domain, including your own subdomain on the same account.


I changed the image url. But, the opening of the subdomain by browser is not running most of time. I think this will take time. Thanks.

Try clearing your cache. It is working fine for me.

When i try to open the subdomain, always the error page is seen in my browser. Is it normal? How can i fix the problem?

Did you do this?

Working fine for me


It is probably about my location. Thanks.

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