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Hi all. The top address is my sites correct address.But it only works correctly if i enter the second address. I uploaded all my files to htdocs but inside the folder pwsWD. Is it an index file location problem and how can i fix it. Thanks

That’s the problem right there. Move the files out of the pwsWD folder and it will be fine.


Just drag and drop all the folders from pwsWD into htdocs you mean?

Yes, as long as you cut-and-paste (CTRL+X / CTRL+V), it should go fast.


Hi. Tried that but it didn’t work. I think that the pwsWD name folder is crucial to the program.
Can i redirect from to kesug/pwsWD
Or htaccess perhaps

Thanks in advance

That’s indeed a possibility. But most websites are happy to work on any URL and any directory, as long as the internal structure is kept in-tact. A quick check at the page doesn’t show anything that clearly wouldn’t work.

Just make sure to copy everything from the pwsWS folder into the main folder and it should work.

Sure, that works too. I would recommend to use a PHP redirect for this:

.htaccess rules can also be used for redirects, but those work better if you want to redirect to another website, not if you want to redirect to a subdirectory.


Ok. Now sorted. Had to drag and drop every single file into htdocs. Took ages. Thanks for all the help. Cheers

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