Increase my disk space

Please increase my disk space, because it is over, and I have not yet uploaded to websites.
Thank you.
Yours faithfully,
Sergey Lobanov

@fceu_17442011 Hello. Thank you for contacting with us! Unfortunately we cannot increase your disk space on free hosting. In order to have unlimited/unmetered disk space, please upgrade your account to Premium Hosting. Premium Hosting doesn’t have many limits that InfinityFree has and there are way more, advanced options. It’s great! And it’s only 3.45 USD Monthly!

But if you do not have enough money then you can try to use more optimised CMS/Website which doesn’t use that much memory/files. These are only 2 choices available for you. So think smart :)!

Which disk space limit do you hit at the moment? Are you referring to the INODE limit?