Increase inode limit?

My site does not even contain many things but it is already at 14k inodes, Is there any plan that offers “Infinity Inodes” ?


Inodes are the number of files and directories in your account. So to reduce the inode counter of your account, you will need to delete some files and directories.

What is the best way for you to reduce your inode counter depends on why you have so many files. You could delete some unused stuff, split separate websites to separate accounts (you’re allowed to have up to 3 accounts) or have a script which deletes some old temporary files (and run that through cron). But again, it all depends on the contents of your account.

Most CMS require thousands of files to work, so a plain WordPress installation might already put you at 10% inode usage. As long as you don’t have plans to install dozens of different applications on your account, you have “nothing” to worry about.

there is nothing like a “Infinite Inodes” Plan ?

No, we do not intend to sell addon packages to free hosting. If you need more of any resources included with free hosting, your only option is to upgrade to premium hosting. Which does include substantially higher inode allocations.

We tried selling small addons to free hosting before, and it didn’t go well. Payment processors take most of the revenue and people will mistake the addons as premium hosting, and make demands appropriate for premium hosting only.

Premium also doesn’t give unlimited indoes?

It is literally impossible to provide unlimited inodes. The technology which allows a disk to store an unlimited number of files has simply not been invented yet. Because of that, there is no service in the world where you can have unlimited inodes (or at least, on something resembling a regular file system).

Hello what is the inodes limit for:

Starter Premium


Super Premium

Thank you

I don’t know how iFastNet is putting inodes limits on premium accounts, but the space is 5GB on the Starter plan and unlimited* on the Super Premium plan.

*Unlimited disk space is for use only for hosting websites, and should not be used to host files. If not the space maybe will be decreased.

I don’t know the specific limits of every service and every plan. If you want to know more about iFastNet’s hosting service, you should really ask iFastNet directly: Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Dedicated Server, VPS Server

After all, nobody knows more about iFastNet’s services than the people working at iFastNet.

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