Incorrect info on premium page

The premium page on InfinityFree (iFastNet Premium Hosting - InfinityFree) mentions that premium supports PHP 4.4 through 7.4.

Premium now has PHP 8.0 and has it set as the defult for new accounts (I think).

Hello. Unfortunately, InfinityFree does not manage the premium hosting page, but we will be sure to pass the information onto iFastNet.

Sorry if there was a misunderstanding,
I meant that iFastNet has PHP 8, and the page on InfinityFree has incorrect information.

iFastNet and InfinityFree are completely different. PHP 7.4 is the highest that is available in the control pannel, so I don’t think that PHP 8 is supported yet. You can keep an eye on the control panels “Select PHP Version” page to see of it gets upgraded. Admin may be able to give addition into of when (if ever) this will happen.

EDIT: Apparently I cannot read. Sorry about that @FreeServices

Again, I think you are misunderstanding what I’m saying.

IFastNet premium has PHP8.

This information on premium is incorrect. Premium supports PHP 8. The information on this page is incorrect.

Thanks for letting me know! The PHP version (and also the MySQL version that was wrong) have now been updated.


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