What causes an account to be inactive?
Is it due to limited website visits or not logging in to the account?
How many visitors need to visit the website and how often?
How many times do I have to log in to my account to keep my website live and how often?

Accounts which receive (almost) no visitors will be considered inactive. Inactive accounts are cleaned up automatically to make room for people who do use their accounts.

The only requirement to be considered active is a little bit of website traffic. You are not required to login to the client area, control panel or forum, or make changes to your website files.

So if your website doesn’t need much maintenance, that’s perfectly OK. But if you created a website at some points, and nobody ever looks at it again, then you might as well download the website to your own computer and store it in a file storage service.

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How many visitors need to view my website a month so it does not go inactive?

The official requirement is 5 visitors per month, although I believe the real requirement is a bit lower.

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I am starting a new business and my concern is that since it is brand new site then it is going to take a while before people start visiting it.
What is the process if I get less than 5 visitors per month?
Is the website deleted instantly?
Am I notified in advance?
Is there anything I can do to maintain my site active if there are less than 5 visitors per month?

If the website has lower visitors per month, your website may be suspended for inactivity and you should request to enable the account if you want to use it.

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You should receive some warning emails if your account is at risk for being marked for inactivity. But you will receive an email when your website is deactivated, after which you have a few days to get it reactivated again (which should be as simple as a single click of a button).

Logging in to the control panel (not client area) of the account may also help prevent it. Doing so will reactivate your account if it’s already deactivated, but might also help prevent it from being deactivated in the first place. But don’t pin me to that, I’m not sure.

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