Inactive account suspended for abuse.

Dear infinityfree,
My account (domain name got suspended few weeks back.I hosted only a website made with HTML and used that account primarily for mails.I used that account very rarely and it’s been months since I opened the control panel and that account was inactive but recently it got suspended for abuse but how?.We didn’t upload any new scripts or the existing scripts didn’t lead to the abuse at that time but all of the sudden it got suspended and I am unable to access the mails which were very important for us.I also submitted the support ticket but no response I received.Please help me.That account is very important for us.I do understand that it was suspended previously but that was instant when we tried to test some scripts but since then knowing that  any heavy scripts will lead to account suspension we used that account for lite purpose (mails only) please help us and activate the account soon.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
It’s been 3 years in infinityfree family.