Inability to edit from tablet

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

Volevo provare a programmare con il mio tablet ma come si vede dal video (vi lascio l’url qui: VID_20200408_085801.mp4 - Google Drive) il file manager sembra non rispondere alle “cancellazioni” ma soltanto alla digitazione. Cosa potrei fare?

I’m using this software: monsta (infinityfree)

Additional information:

So, to make it easier to understand for others that don’t know Italian, I will translate the “What I’m seeing” part of this topic. Next time please speak in English, and not leave parts untranslated, or at least provide machine translation of the content:

It may be a problem with some keyboards and/or file types, so I suggest to either change keyboard software or report it to Monsta FTP’s development team. Also, the video can’t be seen to the public, can you please change its settings so only who has the URL can also see it?


here the link VID_20200408_085801.mp4 - Google Drive

The MonstaFTP editor is a bit janky. I’ve seen it randomly duplicate lines and insert characters at wrong positions. Unfortunately, it’s not our software, so there is not much we can do about it. All I can do is recommend to use a laptop or desktop instead, or use a different editor.


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