In over my head, need help

I’m a total newbie, and thinking I bit off more than I could chew with this one. All this scripting ad coding is way over my head, I managed to use the Site builder to “build a website” actually all I did was choose a theme. Got an email saying “congratulations you just built a website” with a link for my website, and another for admin site. When I click on either of these I get an error 500? I have no idea what I’m doing, and get completely lost trying to understand the included tutorials. Can anyone advise me on how to access my website to continue editing?


I don’t know, I used the site builder included on infinityfree. I know nothing about FTP or how to use it, was hoping for a easy drag and drop system, but it looks like this is gonna be a lot more work than I expected. Is it possible to build my site o another site builder program and import it to infinityfree hosting.

some parts of my answer are related to wordpress (sorry I assumed it was about it)

you can try Wordpress

but first remove the existing website otherwise you will still have error 500
best solution - try WP in your other acc here (you can have three - see client area)

from online service ? need to be careful - possible incompatibility - often generated website code is strictly connected to them

but it all depends on whether your site is static or dynamic

you can also try some WYSIWYG editor for PC
but it all depends on your knowledge

what do you really want your website to do?

The site builder is quite bad in it’s current state, we either need to improve or replace it. In the mean time, I would avoid it and just use WordPress instead.

If you do want to use it, you will need to change your account’s PHP version to 5.6 (the default is 7.0, which is not supported by Kopage). You can do so through the Select PHP Version menu in the control panel.

Thank you, this is helpful information, much appreciated.

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