Impossible to install plug in

in my worpress installation is impossible to installa new plug in.
I have before installed some others plug in but now every plug in that i try to install not work

The site is

I’m sorry, but I need a lot more information than that to help you.

For starters:

  • What do you see when trying to install the plugin? Do you get an error message?
  • Which plugins have you tried to install? Do they all have the issue or is the problem with specific plugins?

Error message is that is impossible to install plug in without any other specific informations
Yesterday I’ve tried to install three differents plug in and every one has done the same result,.

Now i’ve done that action from a zip file and has worked so i think that the problem was in the Wp dashboard on that i can see an search and install directly the plug in

So i’ve tried newly to install a plug in also from the dashboard and now has worked.

Sorry but i do not know what happened yesterday and i can not help you with more informations about the problem.