Importing WordPress Database using phpMyAdmin

Inside InfinityFree’s CPanel icon for phpMyAdmin, you can import Database files for MySQL.

-What is the present maximum file limit for importing of an individual Database file?

-Can you import multiple Database files that total greater than that limit?

-The last time I looked, there was a 300 MB limit on importing a MySQL library using phpMyAdmin inside CPanel. If I exported a MySQL database from elsewhere, also using phpMyAdmin, and compressed that file using the .zip option, if the .zip database file is smaller than 300 MB, will the entirety of that Database file import successfully?

I think you already asked that. And the answer was that there is not a limit for maximum data size. However, there is a limit for how much you can use the database.

And instead of asking these questions, why don’t you just import your database and see what happens? If it works it’s obviously allowed, and if it shows an error, it obviously is not.


Maybe? I think the limit is purely on the size of the uploaded file, so the size of the compressed file is considered, not the size of the SQL file inside of it.

phpMyAdmin may have some trouble importing a very large file all at once though.

But I would just suggest what Greenreader9 said:


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