Important - Potential Website Hacker

Ok, so I was editing one of the files on my website today, and all of the sudden, I keep getting the message “the file has been overridden on the server”, but because I was already editing it, I just overrided that, all is good so far. Now, I went to eat for approx 10-15 mins, when I come back, all the files permissions had been changed. I couldn’t edit the file, or even view it on my browser. Luckily, I manged to delete it and I just replaced it. Im not sure how this has happened, and quite honestly I don’t want it to happen again.


Probably a temporary bug, or it could have been detected as a bad script by iFastnet’s security system.

I don’t think it would have been disabled by a security system, there is nothing except text and a small bit of PHP that minifies the page source and checks whether your logged in or not. Maybe your right about it being a bug. But i’m not sure. It happened while my computer was turned off so it couldn’t have been the file manager.

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ifastnet’s security system is one of the wierdest. Even naming it aaa.php could detect it as a potential bad script.

But I think it was a one-time temporary bug.

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I hope so :grimacing:

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Umm, consider to change your password?

I already have.

If you don’t mind answering, can you give us some information:

  • Filename you where editing
  • Folder that the file was in
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Well, for one its a bit private, so i’d rather not, and anway, there is nothing you can do by looking it at.

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