Import Website

hi there @Admin, is there any website import tool in Cpanel? i can’t find any… how can i migrate from my current hosting to this hosting?

We don’t have any kind of automatic website importer here, so you will have to upload the files manually through FTP and databases through phpMyAdmin.

The easiest way to migrate is to download an archive of your files and databases from the old host, extract them on your computer and upload the contents to your website directory here using FTP. Note that you may need to edit some configurations (like database credentials) for it to work.

yup… seems like it… don’t have any other choice… thanks btw

is there any plan to add this so-called website importer tool in future? as I think this is one of the helpful tools for website admins :slight_smile:

As far as I know, there are no plans to add website importers. Those things take a lot of server power so it can cause a lot of problems for us or is so limited in size it won’t add anything useful beyond just uploading the files over FTP.