Import sql error

Hey guys!

What does the following error mean and how to solve it? I thought that we should replace the username with the current username of the host we are in but it doesn’t work?

You can’t add users to this database server, nor grant usage to a misspelled username that points to another MySQL host that has as password a hash. Try to download just the database MySQL file and import it.

For starters, that database is not part of an InfinityFree account. If you’re with another hosting provider, even if they use the same platform as we do, then you should contact them instead.

This error means that the database dump you’re trying to import also has some lines to create database users, which is not something you can do.

You could either try to generate a new backup which only contains the contents of the database you’re trying to import, or manually remove all the lines in the file which start with GRANT or CREATE USER.

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