Import proccess interrupted

Hi there, i try to import a theme astra but always show me this message " import failed" and “import proccess interrupted” i try all free asta themes and always i receive the same message. Can anyone help me because i try for days to solve this problem. Thanks.

It might gettting corrupted or error if the theme is bigger than the upload limit size which you can’t upload a files bigger than 10MB.

I highly suggest you to manually install or upload your astra theme(plate) by FTP manager and then just activate it on dashboard after uploading. Your theme(plate) must be split, so you know.


where can i see the size of theme? I see tutorial in youtube that this guy import this theme normally and has ifinity free for hosting. therefore i think the problem isnt the size.

You can not see the template demo size but you can see your theme size by right clicking on it and going into properties from windows explorer.

Uplaod file size limit might be the cause of error. Try getting in touch with the support team of your theme and ask them about the size of template demo content you want to import.

I contacted with them and they told me the problem is the php memory limit. They suggested me to contact with my host to increase this limit but i think this is not imposes. I find doesnt allow any change on this limit.

Yes, you can not change php memory limit in free hosting. I think you should ask them for demo contents so that you can manually import them.


I think i will change host, you can do it nothing with infinityfree, and for this reason is free.

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