Import database into my infinityfree

Hi. I’m trying to import database from my laptop located in xampp folder into my website but it is not working.
I get the message; no tables found in database (I have one called companydirectory)

please advise me how to import mysql into infinityfree hosting website. I’m stuck for 2 days now.


Go to MySQL from the control panel and select the “Import” button.

From XAMPP, you’ll first need to export the database. IIRC XAMPP comes with phpMyAdmin. So just login to phpMyAdmin, find the database in the list and use the Export button at the top of the page to generate an SQL file.

Then, in our control panel, you can also find phpMyAdmin. So you can login to phpMyAdmin for your database here and use the Import function to upload the SQL file from XAMPP.

Where do you see this? If you see it in our phpMyAdmin, that makes sense, because you probably haven’t imported the database yet. If you see it in XAMPP, you may have corrupted your database.


Go to your loacalhost or localserver ex: http://localhost/phpmyadmin/index.php or

Login if needed.

  • Select your Database and Import your whole database in sql format.
  • Now go to phpmyadmin of infinityfree, select you database and import your exported database (in sql format)
    After successful export you will see a message like this

Or After unsuccessful operation you will see a message with red background

if you see this message after successful message, select your database and refresh. hopefully it will work out well, if not then

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