Imbedded PHP not displaying

I have a number of tiny pages that produces a PHP image, eg: If I open this in a separate page it works fine, however if this image is embedded in another site, eg I get the broken image icon.

I suspect this may be related to the counter that gets put on the end of some urls (something like …/?:1)

Is there anything I can do to get my image embedded in in my html page?

Maybe because of the aes.js security system?

Exactly. Is there any way I can get a php generated image to embed?

Try using an iframe? It works for me.

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you can see why doesn’t your image load from console (by pressing F12)


Embedding content hosted with us on another site is blocked by this security system:


But if the aes.js is loaded into the iframe and is executed by the browser, unless iframe sandboxing is used, then wouldn’t it work?

Embedding a web page on free hosting into an iframe on another site should work.

However, if I understand @TSiegen’s post correctly, the goal is not to embed a web page with an iframe, but to embed an image served from a free hosting site into another website. This particular image is generated with PHP code, but that doesn’t really matter here.

Since the embedded content is an image, not a web page, the aes.js code will not be executed.


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