Imagick Module


I noticed that this php module isn’t available.
Is it intentionally disabled in free hosting? if requested can you enable it?


Thanks in advance.

Imagick is not available on free hosting and is disabled on purpose, as it consumes more server resources.


It’s likely it is disabled. I happen to know from self-hosting my site that this module is CPU intensive, like many GFX operations. There are a bunch of alternatives that you might wish to explore, try or google for alternatives.

If something doesn’t work around here, I’ve discovered that it’s highly likely it has been disabled - usually there is a technical reason, but occasionally it’s simply because they’ve decided to make it a premium feature to encourage some $$$, and why not? They’re a business after all. It’s their perogative if they want to change for a feature and we don’t like it, we are free to move our data.

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