Images showing as dead boxes

epiz_33671879 (Website for

Two images on top are dead spaces.

I used the provided “Monsta” page to upload my Word-created “index.htm” to the “ht docs folder” and that shows up, but the two small images in the same folder have their dimensions but show as broken/dead.

I do not know how to code. I tried the images as jpg and png. Do they belong in another folder I have to create and name? Or something?

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that folder does not exist index_files

create a folder with that name (in htdocs) and upload the two gifs into it


Please clear the browser cache by pressing a few times Ctrl + F5 while viewing your website.
If that doesn’t help (because some browsers are stubborn) then follow these instructions


Oxy, thank you for your time in trying to help me. My simple goal is to upload a 64 page Word Doc converted in Word to .htm and have two small images on top. Then to attach the domain name I bought from Godaddy.

I uploaded everything again because the names of the images seem to have changed from jpg to gif under generic names. In the htdocs folder is index.htm, which works, and in a folder I created called index_files are 2 images named Banned Frog2.jpg and Banned Logo2.jpg. They are the images I used in the Word file and they are still dead. I tried your cache suggestions and tested it on my phone. Still 2 broken image boxes.

Any suggestions? I will say this. When I saved the Word doc to .htm it created a folder called index files and has "filelist, header, my 2 picture names and then three repeat images called image 001, image005, and image006. Am I supposed to upload that whole file into your index_files folder?

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Please visit -

That directory does not exist (and neither do variations with that name)

Also check 5 times that you are in the right place and in the right htdocs (if you have multiple sub/domains)

How to Name Files/folders

For best results, you should only use the letters a-z, A-Z, the numbers 0-9, hyphens (-), underscores (_) and periods (.). Any other character could get you in trouble, causing the file not to load or the page to load incorrectly.
it is best to use lowercase letters, also Do Not Use Any Spaces.


OK. Thanks. I’ll look at that when I get home from work. I’m thinking of trying either the CoffeeCup HTML Editor or Mobirise to see if that’s an all-in-one upload solution. How to do that last part isn’t indicated on the “How to build a new website” page but nothing is direct and simple.

It will certainly be better because you will be using HTML5
while these Word versions are very old codes e.g.

There is also our website builder in the client area, so try it out (currently there are some difficulties, so check it out in a few days)

Or try WordPress

The article is intended to briefly help users to start something, not to teach them in the smallest details.
There are simply so many things to pay attention to and listing everything in the article makes no sense,
for such things it is better to use tutorials from the net.


Hello again. I gave up on trying to find another way to create my wysiwyg website besides my 2002 version of Word. I am now trying to link my GoDaddy domain name purchase and from reading your site’s instructions I changed the DNS to and I’m supposed to wait now but by doing this your site will know it goes to “”?

You did not specify a new domain so we can’t check,
but if your question is:
will the new domain display what currently displays??

The answer is NO

When you add your domain to the system as an addon domain

then simply upload there the content you have for
there won’t be any problems because it’s regular (X)HTML4
nor do you have any MENU there with links so that there are URLs that lead to (old) etc…

So let me repeat once more

  1. you add a new domain as an addon domain

  2. find its htdocs folder

  3. upload files inside

I wrote this under the assumption that you want to have the same content on the new domain


It’s Godaddy and I’ll try to figure this out. Thank you.

Godaddy as hosting or do you buy the domain there?

please use much clearer terms in the future.


I bought the domain name. I’m not a tech person. I now just have a single page of text converted in Word 2002 in the htdocs folder (I removed whatever else was there) and I want to direct my godaddy-bought domain name to it. Please just tell me. Is there is a way to do this and how do I do this? If it’s not direct and simple I’ll call it a day and pay a host to spell it out for me. Either way thank you for your time. I have no expectations of a free service beyond nicely asking for assistance and hopefully getting it.

ok, let’s start first with the information you will give us
and that is the name of the domain that you bought (to check if everything is OK with NS).

But in short, if everything is ok with NS (they refer to this hosting)


read Option 2 here

and select Addon Domain


upload files with FTP client or file manager from Client Area (monstaFTP)
as you have done so far for your free subdomain
but this time you will upload the files in htdocs from your domain (it starts with the name of your domain <your domain>/htdocs)

after all that

then wait


The site is "the-banned-dept. com". I’ll start reading the rest of your e-mail. Thank you for your help.

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Thanks! I don’t even know what I did! Thank you for your patience.

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You’re welcome
In a few months, you will be a hacker :slight_smile:

Good luck in life and enjoy !


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