Images not showing though file exist on server

I uploaded some images but they are not getting displayed with exaxt path to image.
Images appear with filename such as a.jpg 1.png example.jpg etc

but images with filename such as
abc-12.jpg example±+1.jpg
these sort of images redirect me to 404 not found page.

Can you please share one of the broken image links so we can check it?

This doesnt work.

and this one works. both are in same directory.

the real name of that file is image

this one?

why do not you simply check yourself ?

btw. I cant upload my html file to get indexed by google - #9 by Admin


the script should be smart enough to disable non-standard filenames
because if you do not have that validation someone will hack you :slight_smile:

How to Name Files

Do Not Use Special Characters

For best results, you should only use the letters a-z, A-Z, the numbers 0-9, hyphens (-), underscores (_) and periods (.). Any other character could get you in trouble, causing the file not to load or the page to load incorrectly.
it is best to use lowercase letters, also Do Not Use Any Spaces

Thank You. I have very basic knowledge of php so it will take time for me to achieve that.

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