Images not display + Kadence starter template problem

There are 3 troubles I face.

Firstly, images on my WordPress site are not displaying even though I check the image URL is correct and the image exists in my WordPress media library.

And, sometimes, it shows error message: error establishing a database connection as well. Thus, I suspect maybe database error but not sure of it.

Secondly, the Starter Templates by Kadence WP also shows error message as “Error, Unable to access template database, please try re-downloading”.

How can I solve this issue? I have tried several methods in community forum but still cannot solve yet.

Hope for help. My Website URL is Thanks.

Additional info:
Website builder used: Kadence block
Theme: Kadence theme
Template used: Starter Templates by Kadence WP

You have mixed content issue.


Since your are using CF, try to set “Always Use HTTPS” to ON in the SSL/TLS → Edge Certificates tab


Hi, @KangJL. Thanks for telling me what’s the problem is.

For my CloudFlare, I have already set “Always Use HTTPS” to ON since 9 hours ago. I think there might be other things which cause my website to have mixed content issue. And, I will try it on to figure it out. Thanks.

Thanks, my problem has been solved.

What I do is change the site url from http to https.


But, after I change it, an error " redirect loop errors" occurs. So, to solve this error, I have to install a plugin “Flexible SSL for Cloudflare” since I set the SSL/TLS encryption mode to Flexible.

This is how I solve my problem. I think this solve most of my trouble. Thanks again, @KangJL.


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