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I make a photo album, upload images by PHP, all work well, images are there.
But I can’t found the images files in FileZilla, nor in File Manager(after March 1st)

You should find them at this location uploads/simgs/

You can check whether you are looking in the corresponding htdocs folder or not
unless, of course, there is a problem with listing files on the file server.

Can you see other files from your website ?


Sure! I still can’t see them, about 1,340 images missing.
But I can see them on website, for example


I think it’s about a large number of files in one place and the server simply doesn’t want to waste resources listing them or it takes a long time.

Please be patient for a few hours and when the admin comes he will take a look at your hosting space


This is it exactly.

Most FTP servers have a limit to the number of files that are returned if you list the contents of a directory. This is done due to the performance impact of having to collect all the information and list all the files, and the bandwidth needs to transfer all this data.

You can already tell the file manager is struggling with the simgs folder, even with the limited number of files. Displaying all the files would probably crash it.

I don’t remember what the limit is on our hosting, but the limit is commonly set somewhere in the 1,000-10,000 range.

So from here on, you have a few options:

  • Simply accept that the files cannot be listed, even though they are there. You can keep uploading more files even, and they can be used on your website, but they will not be listed.
  • Group the images of your site in directories so the total number of files in a directory is lower (e.g. below 1000) so you can still list them. You could choose to group the files based on upload date, or based on the file name (like a different folder for the first character of the file name).

I see. Thank you so much!

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