image uploading problem

i tried uploading an image in a forum post but as soon as i select the image n click upload, the browser crashes, i m using google chrome, can u pls check the problem here?

How are you uploading the photo and how does your browser “crash”. What do you actually see?

@thedude Please tell us in details how do you upload the image. Are you using Picture tool in forum post editor? It’s the tool left side of link chain icon, it’s a arrow icon. Click it and upload your file. If that is the tool which is crashing for you, please tell us in detail how crash happens. Does Google Chrome go into: Unreacting mode, or it closes, or it freezes or it shows a error. Details are very helpfull and i cannot really tell reason for your crash, because Image tool is working fine for me and most of other forum users, so some details would be helpfull!