Image showing problem (again)

yes images are not showing

I have typed the correct path and placed in correct place but the image still don’t load.

You’re not getting the image from pages/files/images/sleep-mc.png path right? you should put a / before image source. :slight_smile:


<img src="/files/images/sleep-mc.png" alt="cute mc image" width="1090" height="600">

instead of

<img src="files/images/sleep-mc.png" alt="cute mc image" width="1090" height="600">

but why other images are working without that slash?

Because they aren’t in pages folder or in any folder else. The / is used to fetch images or other files from root instead of the current folder.


Took me 2 mins to understand that all pages and main page wasn’t in folder thank you :grin:

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