Image Not Showing

I have create site URL . I have added all the images, but not showing in the site. Tried in different browser. But Image is not showing up.

Thanks in Advance

It looks like the img folder of your website doesn’t exist. Make sure to upload it via FTP.


I have used Flutter web, where all the images are in assets folder. I have uploaded it perfectly, But still Image is not showing up.

What image are you talking about? The only image I see is commented out.

I’m assuming most of the content gets loaded in by the JS code, I will check on my PC shortly for all the errors.


In the Network tab in my browser console, I see images being loaded at URLs like If all the images are in a folder called assets, those URLs won’t work.

Please make sure the URLs on your website match the file and folder names on your account.


Thanks @TigerMANEK426 . I am eagerly waiting for your Response.

Thanks for all your Response. I have solved this error. I had kept all the resources in assets/assets/images. Then I moved the folder as assets/images. The site is now working with images.


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