Image Hoster - Against TOS?

TLDR: As the title says, Would me making a image hoster via InfinityFree be breaking the Terms of service?

Im making this because of a friend who had his own, shutdown since he couldnt pay the digitalocean server cost, and I would like to prove to him that you can host for free via free services such as InfinityFree.

Example: People can upload files and then after 2 days they will get deleted(via cron job).

The file limit I was thinking of would be 10mb, Although I can most likely make the file size bigger by splitting the file and running a cron job but let me not go ahead of myself, Is this a good idea? or will I break TOS. So far I’m making the HTML if you head to the website that’s the basic HTML I’m working on.

URL: - still working on, although don’t know if should.

Sorry, this would break the terms of service. Please see § 6, bullet 10 and § 10, bullet 5.


    You agree to not use the Service to

    10. upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available any material that is of … file hosting / file sharing types.

    Examples of not allowed script and website types include (but are not limited to):
  • File sharing / file storage scripts
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Alright, Is it ok if its only temporary? I though that was for permanent file hosting. Also, what if it just links otherwise; A other hoster being uploaded from a backend php script via Curl. Then returned from the client.

Is breaking a contract ever temporary? No. Your whole Client Area Profile (which includes all of your Hosting Accounts) will be suspended if you continue.

As long as the links don’t generate a ton of views, you’re fine. If they do, however, you’ll be asked to upgrade to premium.

This is illegal here. Check with other hosts and see if they allow it, and if so, be careful if you choose to proceed.

Alright, thanks for the information. ill try and find a use case besides file hosting. But I also dont get it; I can upload HTML files, but nothing else?

No. You are trying to make a file distributing service, which violates the TOS. However, there is nothing preventing you from uploading images, stylesheets, JavaScript, and PHP files to create a beautiful, dynamic (or static) website.

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A image hoster, I can upload images…

then why cant other users upload it from the main page?

So I can;
Upload Images => being hosted on InfinityFree
Let users upload images =X> TOS violated???

No, website host that allows resources, such as images.

Because this makes it a file sharing service, which violates the TOS.

YOU Upload images → Everything is fine and dandy
Random people uploading images of ANYTHING → Violates TOS, especially if the image in question is has harmful content.

Alright, Is it ok if I just make this a private host? Aka you need a private key(Only I have) via the backend to only be able to use the host? and then from there I can create an api to be used in ShareX?

Good idea.

This would also save you some money on API calls and bandwidth transferred to ShareX.

Alright, thank you for your help have a great day!

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Just to clarify a few things here.

  1. The primary purpose of your website should be to be a website. As in, the majority of your files need to be related to displaying a website. So if you have 10 HTML files, and 80 image files that are never shown by those HTML pages (So download links), that is not allowed. If you have 10 HTML files and 20 images that are used in the HTML files (Like to showcase products), that is fine. The primary purpose of your website needs to be a website, not an image-sharing service.

  2. That being said, you can host the images with an external service like and create download links on your website.


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