Image diretory

I have uploaded my web pages and all the directories using FileZilla. all other pages are just working fine except my image folder. Some images are displaying and some are not. I mean only one image that is displaying and others are not. It means that the folder has been referenced and placed properly because some images are just displaying. Please Help!!. I have tested this before uploading using local servers.

A few things you could check:

  • Do the images load if you enter the image URLs directly? If not, check the file permissions and file names.
  • Do the image urls in your web page have the exact same capitalization as the file names? So if your url refers to images/myimage.jpg, the file name is not images/myimage.JPG, images/Myimage.jpg or something like that. File names on Windows are not case sensitive, however on Linux (which we run on our servers) and macOS they are.

If that doesn’t help you find the problem, can you please provide a link to the page so we can check it?