Image carousel not working

I can privately send you the log-in info to my wp-admin and you can check it out if you’d like

Maybe you should try to put another slider if it exists for elementor (free)

or try to remove the existing slider (code).
and then put it back on

maybe the files will be overwritten and start working properly.

if that fails - we can also agree on login data via PM (but I would need hosting acc and not WP admin access)


I already tried putting in another slider - it still wouldn’t work - which is why I don’t think it is a mixed-content problem

I also tried deleting and re-putting the carousel folder in the elementor folder in my file manager - I also deleted the code and re-put it.

Where can I send you my hosting account details?

try this way
and when you do it
then go to Cloudflare and purge all cache
not in reverse order


Hi there,

I followed the guide and then purged all of my cache in Cloudflare.

The image carousel still doesn’t work.

If the issue persists, temporarily deactivate all experiments in the experiments tab. Go to Elementor > Settings > Experiments tab and make sure all the experiment indicators are inactive.

btw. I sent you a message in PM

but take into account the time difference between the EU and your country (I can’t stay awake for much longer)


update - the user did not respond to the PM
and I went to sleep :yawning_face:

the first thing I would do is search the DB (PHPMyAdmin search tab) for “http” and correct if necessary.


even if img-slider works
images go abnormally fast after a certain time

But the problem is certainly in mixed content


So even if it works, it will behave strangely, but maybe it’s some of your configuration related to auto transition speed.


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