I'm unable to use access wordpress after installation

I’ve been trying to setup WordPress from yesterday but whenever I install it on my main directory(domain.com) after installation there’s no Wordpress installation page or anything related to Wordpress, it’s just showing a blank page like it uses to be before installation and even I’m unable to upload Wordpress manually…

Can you please give your domain name, so me or others can help you?
domain.com is just an example for a TLD, and a domain registrar.

it’s i360.in

To upload WordPress manually, you need to configure the FTP client (like FileZilla) with the following instructions:
FTP server:
Port: 21
Protocol: Plain FTP
Username: you can find it on the Client Area
Password: you can find it on the Client Area, by clicking the username of the account you’re trying to manage, then clicking “Show/Hide” to show the password.
Connect and then go to the htdocs of the domain (ex. i360.in).
Download the WordPress zip from here and extract it on your computer. Then upload all the files from the wordpress folder to the htdocs folder on your domain.
Configure a database with the name of epiz_xxxxxxx_wp1 (where xxxxxxx will be the username of your account), then go to i360.in/wp-admin/install.php and select the language. The English (United States) one is the default, so I suggest you to leave it as it is. Configure the database; the name is the one you created (in the format accusname_dbname), the username and the password are the same that you used for the FTP and the SQL server will be reported after those steps, like sqlxxx.epizy.com. Continue with the installation; select the website name, username, password, email and if you want to index the pages on Google or Bing or etc. Install it, then access the WP Admin. Congratulations! You installed WordPress via FTP!

I checked your account and there is no trace of WordPress to be found. I don’t see any files, any databases or any installations in Softaculous.

Speaking of Softaculous, could you try that to install WordPress? Softaculous allows you to install scripts with only a few clicks: no manual database or file management required.

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