I'm not able to install SSL on my domain

Usuário: epiz_31354325

website address changed from http to https. Still the same doesn’t work.



It looks like your certificate was issued, now you just need to install it. Click the blue show button then…

  1. Copy the certificate key into the control panels SSL/TLS section and click “upload certificate”
  2. Copy the private key into the control panels SSL/TLS section and click “upload private key”

This procedure has already been done but it is still not working.

After receiving the SSL certificate, you still need to install it. I checked your account and you didn’t do this yet.

Please complete ALL the steps in this article:


Good… Both the key and the certificate were uploaded. My account has just been suspended… My site is basically a private forum for my work team, I understand it’s free hosting but I don’t see any reason to suspend it.

Check your client area for a reason!

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"Your account was suspended for abuse. InfinityFree monitors accounts to ensure they do not contain any harmful content, and that they don’t overload the free hosting servers.

To learn why your account was suspended, to get your account reactivated, or to request a backup, please submit a support ticket using the button below."

the ticket has already been opened…

Apparently everything is back to normal, thank you!

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