I'm Newbie and creating a wp website. My account suspended again and again due to CPU limit. How to reduce CPU usage.I installled only essential Plugins

My website URL is: https://teenfabrics.com
I’m a Newbie. I tried to minimize CPU usage but couldn’t. It’s happened continually.
I already did these things,

  1. Using Cloudflare CDN
    2.using image optimizing plugin
    3.uninstalled unnecessary plugin,
    [ using 1) worddefence
    3) Really Simple SSL
    4)Astra Starter
    5)image optimizing plugin
    6)All in one SEO

                          Are these plugin causing for high CPU usage in hosting?
                         Is there any option in hosting to reduce high CPU usage?

Can someone help me to figure out this probe:pensive::pensive::flushed::sob:

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High CPU usage occurs if PHP scripts are executed many times. If you have high traffic, you might want to use a cache plugin.

Do you use a cache plugin? If not, you can use W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache or Autoptimize to serve the pages through cache.


Caching plugins are a good way to reduce CPU usage.

That said, make sure you use a PHP caching plugin, not a static file combination/minification plugin. Static file optimization plugins like Autoptimizer and whatever image optimization plugin(s) you’re using are good for reducing bandwidth usage and decreasing full page load times, but possibly at the cost of increasing CPU usage.

Minifying images is good, but converting images is quite CPU intensive.


I installed wp super cache and it helps to extend the working time on my website. So the problem solved a bit. thank you for supporting.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I want to know about CPU usage counting system.

I’m running a blog. So I need to update it recently and it extends my working time on the website.
How does the server count CPU usage? By the processes we made or else way. If I know the procedure of counting CPU usage, will help me to reduce CPU usage.

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High CPU usage depends on how many times the CPU has to run a programming scripts. If a script requires more execution resources, it uses high CPU power. For example, if you have many plugins and no caching, every time a page loads, all the plugins’ scripts run, along with other PHP scripts that the page is using. Thus, it leads to high CPU usage. It may also happen if you have high traffic, as, once again, scripts are running many times.

Caching plugins like WP Super Cache store a once loaded page in form of minimal scripts executing page, thus reducing the CPU usage. To the masses, they keep serving the same page. That’s how they help. Installing only those plugins that are very necessary, and not using pointless plugins also save CPU power.

It is however difficult to really say which script uses high CPU. That’s just a matter of guess.


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